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2-man indoor money shoot

March 7th & 8th, 2009.

30 Rinehart targets at unmarked yardage.
$80.00 Team entry fee with a 70% payout to the top 4 teams in both classes.
2 Classes, (Bowhunter class & Open class) Max of 20 teams per class, 40 teams total.
Shooting line times for Saturday - Bowhunter class 8:00am & Noon.
Shooting line times for Sunday - Open class 8:00am & Noon.

Bowhunter class = Fixed pins, 12 inch stabilizer or less, no lens, no arrow restrictions.
Open class = Shoot what you bring.
ASA scoring 14, 12, 10, 8, 5, 0
Teams will be shooting 6 arrows per station (3 arrows per shooter) at 10 stations.

8x binos or less and no rangefinders.
Bowhunter class Team scores will be posted Saturday night.
Open class Team scores will be posted Sunday night.
Any tiebreakers will go to 14 count, 12 count, ect...
All payouts will be mailed or can be picked up at the shop Monday.

Due to limited space and time, all teams will have approx 4 hrs to complete the course. If any team is taking to much time to shoot their round, they will be warned and then possibly disqualified for not cooperating with the range official, so we ask that your team be courteous towards the other teams.

Teams must pre-register and send in entry fee before Monday, March 2nd. Teams can either call or e-mail to register. Remember only ten teams can shoot per line time, so register early.


Register by phone

(717)-336-2989 or (717)-271-9530 until 9:00 pm
Register by E-mail








Start Date: Jan 04, 2009 til March 27, 2009


Shoot-offs: April 2nd and 3rd, 2009, time TBD


Store Hours: Mon. thru Fri. 9pm to 9pm; Sat. 8am to 5pm



Jan 30th 2009 til March 21st, 2009



            Cost:              Adult leagues are One-time registration fee of $20.00; plus $10.00 every week 

                                Youth leagues are sign-up; $5.00 every week


            Prizes:           Adults: Cash prize; amount determined by number of shooters in each class


                                    Youth: Trophy


            Classes:       Open shoot what you have.                  


                                    Bowhunter with movable sight; no lens; 12 inch stabilizer or less 


                                                    Bowhunter with pins and12-inch stabilizer or less                                                     


                                    Youth; 16 years and younger                                  



          Guidelines for Participation:

        No range finders

        Allowed three (3) missed shoots or can throw out three (3) lowest scores

        Shooter must finish in the same class that they started league

        Scoring is IBO 14,12,10, 8, 5, 0

        Shoot at any time during shop hours until 2pm sat


To sign-up contact Ephrata Archery 717-721-7122

Ephrata Archery * 368 North Reading Road * Ephrata * PA * 17522